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Letters and other manuscripts of Charles Joseph La Trobe are available in transcript as follows:


Letters of Charles Joseph La Trobe, edited by L. J. Blake. Melbourne, Government Printer, 1975.
     Australia, 1839-1854     Overview-date     Overview-recipient     Notes     Index
     England, 1854-1874      Overview-date     Overview-recipient     Notes     Index


‘A Letter from ‘Jolimont en Murs’’, to Charlotte La Trobe, 2 March 1840, edited by John Barnes,
La Trobe Journal, No.80, Spring 2007, pp.45-51.

‘A Letter from C. J. La Trobe to Count Paul de Strzelecki’, 16 February 1855, La Trobe Library Journal, No.21, April 1978, p.19.

‘Letters from the Colony’, to John Murray, 1840-1853, edited by John Barnes, La Trobe Journal, No.71, Autumn 2003, pp.130-141.   Corrections


Letters to Agnes La Trobe, 1845-1854, transcribed by Helen Botham and others.    Index


‘Extracts from Private Journals’- A Pedestrian in the Tyrol and Italy (1830), Breakfast with Sir Walter Scott (1831), A Bison Hunt in North America (1832), On Official Business in the West Indies (1837), edited by Sandra Burt, La Trobe Journal, No.71, Autumn 2003, pp.29-42.

‘Memoranda of Journeys, Excursions & Absences: Gippsland, February-March 1845’, edited by Fay Woodhouse, La Trobeana, Vol 4, No 1, April 2006, pp.3-7.


On William’s first tooth: a poem.   Article


Sketch plan and map showing Melbourne and detail of block of land adjacent to Government reserve.    Article


For further transcripts refer to:



Australian Notes 1839-1854 [diaries and memoranda of Charles Joseph La Trobe, with introduction and notes by Dianne Reilly]. Limited edition. Yarra Glen, Vic., Tarcoola Press, in association with the State Library of Victoria and Boz Publishing, 2006.  Contents  About

_____Printer’s edition, 2013.  Flier






Gipps-La Trobe Correspondence, 1839-1846, edited by A.G.L. Shaw. Melbourne, The Miegunyah Press, 1989.   About    Article








Historical Records of Victoria, Foundation Series / Public Record Office, Victoria. Editor-in-chief: Michael Cannon, associate editor: Ian MacFarlane. Melbourne, Victorian Government Printing Office [etc.], 1981-2002.   About







Letters of Sophie La Trobe, 1844-1853, transcribed by Helen Botham and others.    Index



Johann Friedrich Dietler, 1804-1874, artist
Sophie de Montmollin (La Trobe) 1834
Archives de l’Etat, Neuchâtel





Letters and sundry papers - Charles Albert La Trobe, 1874-1876, transcribed by Helen Armstrong.



Charles Albert La Trobe, 1904
Collection: Mrs Joy Harley